Vitruvi Muse: Savannah Olsen, The Good Spirit

To give you some background, Savannah Olsen was raised by a tarot loving mother and almost named after a good witch. Some might call it a coincidence, I’d call it a self-fulfilling prophecy: she went on to become the owner and mastermind behind the spiritual, metaphysical shop, the Good Spirit. In early 2016, she left her post working at the Old Faithful Shop (of which she is still a co-owner) to follow her bliss, which ended up being just around the corner.

The Good Spirit is a place to not only (at long last) find totally refined spiritual goods, but also a dreamy space to explore your inner goddess out in the open. “I want women to be proud of their energy. We are intuitive and nurturing—we should own that” she says. For her, good energy is paramount and the Good Spirit is a place where she hopes both women and men can come to learn more about their own spirit. The shop is filled with books and small treasures that can get you through a sticky life situation (yes please to that guide to erotic astrology), while simultaneously offering a tarot card service and monthly workshops to give clients the spiritual tools they need. Olsen found a niche market and made it approachable to the masses.“There is absolutely a taboo around the word spiritual and I want to get rid of it by presenting what that word is in a new way.” With a strong intention to make room for a new kind of spirituality, Olsen ensures that the people who visit her shop can talk about spirituality, their personal practices and with time, share their methods with people outside of the space.

Being a business-owner is important to Olsen, but more important is being a First-Nations woman and a mother. She is a great storyteller and makes you feel as though you’ve known her forever. She is charming, intuitive and down to earth. “I’m not running around jolly as F, but you could definitely say I’m content. I’m happy in the space I am in.” Olsen has dared to make people see something different and feel something different, despite that something being so entrenched in dark stereotypes. The best part? She’s completely unafraid. Olsen lives by the quote: “You’ve got to risk it for the biscuit” and this biscuit turned out to be pretty darn sweet.

How do you create a safe space in your shop where people feel at ease speaking to their spirituality?
I am an aesthetics person and I like to use natural elements to really put people at ease and make them feel comfortable in this space. I have bright lighting and minimalist merchandising to get people away from the impression that tarot and spirituality are dark. The photo behind my till is all about enlightenment—the feeling we want our clients to come to.

What makes you proud?
I have created purpose for myself. There is stuff going on in the shop beyond the products that we sell. My spiritual journey has been a huge part of my growth as a human and to share that is a definite point of pride for me.

Do you feel like you’ve made it?
I see the shop as bigger than myself. It is a combination of people who have supported me and helped me and I couldn’t be more grateful. This shop came to life as a matter of a bunch of people, timing and support and it would be an insult to say this was all me because there was so much co-ordination involved. For me, success also means finished, but I don’t see it as an A to B type of thing and I am definitely not finished. I’m sure the Good Spirit won’t be the last shop I open. My journey is a continual process—I am on a mission to grow and this is merely one step.

What gets you excited?
I’m passionate about what I am doing right now. Having people take an interest in spirituality and paying attention to that part of themselves is huge. Awareness of ourselves and the impact that we have through this interaction is the starting point of healing for everything.

Feed your spirit and check out the shop today. 

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October 11, 2016