Vitruvi Muse: Heather-Nicole Lewis

If Heather Lewis could end every night enjoying a glass of wine in a relaxing lavender bath, she would, but raising 3 young boys doesn’t give her the luxury of nightly soaks. Instead, she turns to music as a way to decompress after a long day—the jazz blues are her go-to. Before her boys go down for the night, Heather spends the day with them, taking them to the zoo, going for walks, reading them stories. She’s a firm believer in providing routine for her kids, and part of that routine is embracing a more holistic lifestyle. We chatted with Heather about her switch to a more natural approach, and trust us, she’s done her research. Heather now incorporates essential oils into everything from cleaning her bathroom to cleaning her boys—homemade hair masks included.

What are the daily rituals that keep you grounded when things get chaotic?
Omg, music is a must! Jazz blues specifically. Since my husband works 3 hours away and is rarely home, I can’t really enjoy a glass of wine, or soak in the tub (with lavender oil) like I’d like to. So that happens only on occasion. I also take the boys on a walk after dinner to start the decompression process. Then I give them a bath, read them a book, put calming music on, and start the oil diffuser. It’s so relaxing, and I love that my room smells like a spa. Anyway! I said all of that to say, I can relax and enjoy the music more after a long day, once they’re down for the night!

Tea or coffee?
I am a huge fan of coffee! But since switching to a more holistic lifestyle, I’ve incorporated more tea into my life. Even Preston, my six-year-old, loves tea before bed!

How has becoming a mom changed your outlook on the products you use for your children, your home and yourself?
As a conscious mother who’s aware that our planet is definitely changing, I understand we have to change our habits at home for a better life. Most of the products are pumped with so many harmful chemicals, or are very diluted. I started becoming more aware when Preston, my eldest, was about 3. I stopped using the popular brands at the store, and switched to an organic company. I loved that the products were pure and odorless. I realized, if I’m changing it up for my kids, I definitely need to do it for myself as well. I learned that it takes 26 seconds for a product to absorb into the bloodstream—that’s pretty scary—but not if the right ingredients are being used. And finally, we live in central California, where summers are brutal. The air quality isn’t that great, and the temperatures are insane. It definitely forces me to take extra care, to pay attention to the things I’m using in the house around my kids. I used to think, if the smell of a cleaning product could knock my socks off, it’s doing its job. So wrong! I realized and asked myself, “why are we using such harmful chemicals?” I literally had this conversation in my head! LOL! Then I thought, “people haven’t always used these chemicals, so what’d they use?” Obviously something else worked at some point. Baking soda and vinegar are essentials in the home. They’re close to natural, and aren’t harmful. I started researching natural homemade cleaning products, and those 2 ingredients are definitely a must. Sometimes I’ll add an oil depending on the room I’m cleaning.

Go-to dinner?
We used to eat out a lot, just because it was convenient. It started getting expensive, so we cut back. We went through a really rough patch when my husband lost his job, so it stopped altogether. Being forced to cook everyday definitely had many benefits. Saving money, losing weight, and having more energy! So when the opportunity to go out and eat arises, we opt to just eat at home! Only on occasion will we eat out.

What object/space in your home is most special to you?
I love my bedroom. I’ve created an oasis for deep relaxation. It’s very clean and simple, and I believe less is more. I’m actually working on converting from a modern look to a simple, pretty country look. I cannot wait! But it will still be very relaxing and calming.

Hardest part of being a mom?
Oh my gosh. Haha! Hmmmmm. Well, I’d honestly have to say, since quitting my regular 9-5, motherhood has been easier. All of my energy is focused on the kids, so it’s not so much hard as it is draining and exhausting to keep up. I’d say the hard part is getting them to be more independent and not follow me from room to room!

Best part of being a mom?
So many perks, but the best is watching them do their thing and capturing those moments. I didn’t have the best childhood, so I always envisioned being a mother and the lifestyle I’d lead. I always wanted a routine, which I’ve implemented, and I wanted things to essentially be magical for them. We go to the zoo or park almost every morning, come back to have lunch, take a relaxing bath, take a nap, get up to enjoy free play in their playroom or outside, eat dinner, clean up, take a walk, read books, and go to sleep. I love capturing all of those moments.

Favourite essential oil and why?
My favorite is lavender. It’s so calming, and reminds me of my grandmother. I’ve also grown to love Geranium! It smells amazing!!!!

How do you weave essential oil products into your day?
I use essential oils in a homemade mix in our hair, since we have curly hair. I use it in our cleaning products, in our baths, and in the oil diffuser. Using oils are so essential for our lifestyle.

Favorite quote?
Gosh, so many. So I just like to live by, “everything happens for a reason.”

Photos by Heather-Nicole Lewis

October 10, 2017
October 12, 2017