Vitruvi Muse: Anna Castellano

Anna’s Instagram feed is a minimalist’s dream. Scroll through and you’ll find warm neutrals, cozy spaces, a croissant (or two!) and pictures of her adorable son Harrison. On top of being a mother and running her blog HappyandGray, Anna is also a designer and stylist. This summer she launched a line of baby wear on Etsy. Her collection consists of handmade knits, blankets, clothing and illustrated prints. Everything is beautifully-designed and simple—just the way we like it. We have a soft spot for the knitted pixie bonnet, especially in olive green. Below, we got to know Anna a little better, chatting with her about her famous pesto quinoa grilled cheese and the joy of raising a little one with love. We also learnt more about her essential oil rituals. Pro tip: she carries WAKE Roll-On in her purse as a natural pick me up.

What are the daily rituals that keep you grounded when things get chaotic?
I’d have to say just keeping a clean home definitely helps when everything else gets hectic, even if that means quickly clearing out any visible clutter and spraying things down. A clean/fresh smelling home can really make a huge difference!

What’s the most-loved item in your closet?
My most loved item in my closet would definitely have to be my olive green turtleneck. I bought it as a maternity sweater, but it’s since become one of my most favored pieces of all time.

How has becoming a mom changed your outlook on the products you use for your child, your home and yourself?
Ever since I became a mom, I’ve been way more cautious about everything I buy (almost to a fault, actually). I check labels on products to make sure my family is getting the best quality possible. There are so many products out there that claim to be “all natural” that really aren’t, and I just find that crazy.

Go-to dinner?
My all-time favorite go-to dinner would have to be our pesto quinoa grilled cheese with tomato soup. It’s such a comforting meal and there’s something about it that just makes any night exceedingly better.

What object/space in your home is most special to you?
I think I’d have to say the nursery, when we first moved in a few years back, my husband and I always talked about how we’d someday decorate that little room in hopes it’d become a baby’s room. We’d dreamt of having a baby for so long and after 2 long years, that empty room finally became what we’d always hoped it would be.

Which city has your heart?
Jacksonville, Oregon. My husband and I fell in love there and it holds so many amazing memories for me.

Hardest part of being a mom?
The hardest part of being a mom in my opinion is the fact that you hold SO much love for this little person, that it ultimately means you open your heart to so much potential heartache. Time goes by way too fast and I often think about how quickly my baby will be on his own and that’s what really gets me.

Best part of being a mom?
Knowing that I get to take part in raising a person for the upcoming generation is one thing I really love. As moms, we have the opportunity to potentially make the world a little better just by loving our babies and teaching them how to really love others.

Favourite essential oil and why?
Hands down, Lavender. It’s made our lives a million times easier by helping our baby sleep longer at night/during nap times. We also spray a mixture of it on our pillows before bed and it’s the best.

How do you weave essential oil products into your day?
I use the diffuser throughout the day to keep our home fresh and smelling amazing, and I keep the WAKE Roll-On in my purse for whenever I need a pick me up when we’re out (a teething baby can really drain your energy).

Favourite quote?
One of my favorites is “Where you invest your love, you invest your life.” – Mumford & Sons. That probably sounds really cliché, but I absolutely love it.

Photos by Anna of HappyandGray.

September 29, 2017