vitruvi IRL

Last week we decided to host our very own holiday(ish) party in our home of Vancouver. We say “holiday(ish)” because there was no Christmas music, no spiked eggnog, and no mistletoe. Instead, we sipped on Rosemary cocktails, nibbled on cheese plates and French bread, and hung out with the really lovely people that make up our local community. We even took a few cues from our L.A. event and had tarot card readings and a selection of crystals for people to take home with them. The botanicals were also a highlight—our flower arrangement inspo? Anything that looked otherworldly—if it was weirdly, strangely beautiful, we were into it. Our hearts were full to be surrounded by such awesome people the entire night. Thanks to everyone who made it!

This is just the first of many local events to come 🙂 We can’t wait to meet more of you!

xx vitruvi team

Photos by Kiara Schwartz (tobruckave).