The Wellness Guide to LA

When I think of the lifestyle in Los Angeles, visualizations of wellness are synonymous with it. The warmer temperatures in LA definitely play a part in making it an inspired place to move your body and eat clean year round. However, there is also a spiritual part of the city and a unique openness of the diverse people that end up here that make it an easy place to embrace health. That may sound like a generalization, but in my experience, most Angelino’s genuinely appreciate the gifts that California nature has to offer and share a passion of practicing self care.

Here are a few of my tried and true wellness spots in LA to boost energy and check in with the mind body and soul.

Sweat: Sweat Theory in Hollywood. This is my go-to when I feel overwhelmed emotionally. You know those times where you’re so stressed and you know your body and mind could really benefit from the endorphin release of a work out, but there’s just nothing left in the tank? Enter infrared sauna. Grab a cayenne shot upon arrival and head into your private little zen den with a sauna, shower and robe (who doesn’t love a good robe?). I like to play a guided meditation with Calm or put on some music and just chill the * out. If you’re brave enough, alternate between a cold shower and the sauna every 15 minutes to boost your immune system and if you’re not, no judgement—after all this is YOU time. Sweat Theory also has an awesome hot yoga studio, crystal and reiki healing, and vitamin injections. *On my list to try next is Love Yoga in Venice or Echo Park.*

Beauty: The General Store  and The Detox Market . What you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body, which is how I justify spending too much time getting lost in these stores reading ingredient labels and sampling the latest concoctions. You can’t miss these spots and their natural selections of skincare and apothecary.

Eat: I tried to pick just one, but that’s impossible, so here’ a list for every meal! Hope you’re hungry 😉

Breakfast: Sun Life Organics. There are two locations in Malibu (cause one truly isn’t enough) and either are the perfect pit stop on a beach day! Hands down the best Acai bowl in town with so many glorious toppings it actually fills you up and feels like a meal. They also sell some of my fave products like Sunpotion and Shiva Rose organic skincare.

Snack: Moon Juice—filled with mood enhancing adaptogens…looking at the menu feels like you’re at a natural pharmacy with a cure for any ailment.

Lunch: All time in Los Feliz is that feel-good neighborhood joint. The best avo toast (put an egg on it), coffee and the good ass garden-y salad with fresh greens and raw vegetables tastes like it was hand picked out of your grandma’s garden. The people that work here are also so genuine and will make your day.

Dinner: Farmshop in Brentwood Country Mart. For a classic west coast market fresh dinner.

Relax: The Now takes the sensory experience of a massage to the next level with add on’s like aromatherapy, crystals and heat treatments. With ocean waves playing in the background and faux fur blankets to climb under…the cosy Big Sur vibe is worth it alone.

Recharge: Above all, hit the beach or a trail, unplug from technology, connect with nature and the people around you and hit reset. Some of the best hikes in LA are the secret local trails that don’t have a name. My favorite is my neighborhood trail that wraps alongside the Hollywood Reservoir and up through the hills towards the Hollywood Sign. Looking out, all you see is a lake and trees in the middle of a city. There are parts of Griffith Park that aren’t too busy and Temescal Canyon in Pacific Palisades is another tranquil beauty.

Words and photo by Taylor McKay.