The Simplicity Effect on Your Top Shelf

I am guilty—guilty of hording beauty products and consuming more when I could commit to less for actual beautiful results. Creating space includes introducing simplicity. Starting with your beauty routine is a good place.

Kiara here, editor of the Lifestyle and Feel Good blog TobruckAve. I am so excited to be the newest contributor to basenotes. I’ve been creating aromatherapy rituals ever since I first discovered vitruvi and have been committed to feeling good in whichever space I am in ever since.

Beauty routines are so difficult to set in stone—just like with any other routine, being committed and accountable to your choices, as well and trusting your instinct when something feels right, is key. There are so many distractions when it comes to products and beauty is by far no exception. To really notice how minimal and simple my top shelf could be, I challenged myself to bring only the bare minimum on a 1 month trip. Every beauty product I brought was also travel-approved size, with the exception of just one. This included skin care and make up! It was so freeing to have less choices and complete trust in every single product I had with me.

This exercise ended up showing me how little I need and that excess anything is completely unnecessary and crowding of judgment and space. Simplicity is key even when it comes to your beauty routine. It quiets the mind to have less decisions and this is a great place to start to create space in your mind.

Here is what I settled for—my instinct guided me on this based on space and also commitment to mindful beauty and brands that resonate with what makes me feel good, as well as what works with my skin.

My bare essentials routine still consisted of morning and night rituals. My skin ended up glowing and happy. Based on this 1 month experiment, I think I can safely say less is more and oils are everything!

Face wash with AESOP parsley seed facial cleanser
Revive and refresh with the AESOP serum parsley seed serum
Moisturize with SATURDAY Freeze Frame Beauty Essence

Make Up:
Bobbi Brown Skin Long Wear Foundation
Glossier Stretch Concealer
Glossier Cloud Paint
Glossier Brow Boy
Glossier Haloscope Highlighter
Harlow Pinched Cheek and Lip Tint
Harlow Botanical Perfume Oil

Face Wash AESOP Parsley Seed Facial Cleanser
Serum The Ordinary Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution
Moisturize The Ordinary Rose Hip Seed Oil
Under eye care The Ordinary Caffeine Solution
Harlow Face massage with Multireflexology Yin and Yang roller

I just got home and came back to a full counter of beauty products and instantly felt the need to try them all and stray from this perfectly minimal routine. Why is it that when we are presented with more options we second guess what works? Doing my best to stick with this piece of mind routine that is now also proven to work.

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January 19, 2018