The Making Of: Quiet

A closer look at the story behind each blend from our new collection: The Art of Scent.

The story:

Quiet was designed to diffuse when you need to fill your cup back up and want to be surrounded by feminine energy. It really captures the feeling of cozying up with some tea when you have the house to yourself. We imagine the kind of woman who loves Quiet is also the woman who loves buying flowers for herself. To: me From: me is a philosophy we can always get behind. There’s also a spa-like element to Quiet—it wraps you up like a plush, white robe and is incredibly soothing and tranquil. As for the ingredients, we paired Ylang Ylang, which is a beautiful thick essential oil sourced from Madagascar, with Geranium: a beautiful balancing oil. Clary Sage and Amyris provide that cozy spa-like vibe, rounding out the blend to be warm and feminine, but also fresh.

The art:

Our new collection is called The Art of Scent because creating the blends was very much an artistic process. We started with a mood or place that inspired us, then interpreted it through scent. We blended and we layered and we blended again—all with the intention of doing our subject justice. We wanted this artistic concept to come across in our design as well, which is why the bottles and boxes are white to represent a canvas.

We also partnered with illustrator Mary Clare Wilkie to design a watercolour pattern for each blend. Just like we captured the essence of a place or mood through scent, Mary Clare captured the essence of our blends through watercolour. The Quiet print was inspired by Moroccan blankets and a feminine colour palette. Not only are the illustrations a welcome surprise when you open our new blends boxes, they also make for a great phone wallpaper.

Just hold down the image if you’re on your phone to save it. Easy peasy.

The visuals:

All of the images and videos for each blend were shot by Taylor McKay, who managed to capture the feeling of each scent through dreamy, surreal film. Watch the video for Quiet here.

*Quiet will be available to shop on Nov. 7 at 10 AM PST. 




October 31, 2017
November 3, 2017