The Making Of: Grove

The story:

Sean and Sara grew up driving through the famous Cathedral Grove to visit their grandparents. This beautiful grove is home to some of the largest cedarwood trees in the world. Their grand scale and grounding aroma reminds them of some of their favourite family memories. Our team is made up of people who spend weekends hiking, camping, and exploring the West Coast, so we we’re inspired to make a blend with an aroma that would take us to the trail after a warm rain. After combining essential oils of some of our favourite trees, we found the perfect combination of a warm, forest-filled aroma with a fresh, yet damp undertone.

The art:

You can read more about why we named this collection The Art of Scent here.

For each blend, we partnered with illustrator Mary Clare Wilkie to design a watercolour pattern. Just like we captured the essence of a place or mood through scent, Mary Clare captured the essence of our blends through watercolour. The Grove print was inspired by misty mountains and towering Evergreens. Not only are the illustrations a welcome surprise when you open our new blends boxes, they also make for a great phone wallpaper.

Just hold down the image if you’re on your phone to save it. Easy peasy.

The visuals:

All of the images and videos for each blend were shot by Taylor McKay, who managed to capture the feeling of each scent through dreamy, surreal film. Watch the video for Grove here.

*Grove will be available to shop on Nov. 7 at 10 AM PST. 


November 5, 2017