The Making Of: Boost

A closer look at the story behind each blend from our new collection: The Art of Scent.

The story:

Citrus is a scent that wakes you up and makes you feel alert—we wanted to create a blend that did just that, but without the sweetness of a plain citrus blend. It took us over 8 variations of this blend to get it just right. But we did it, and with Boost, you get that fresh summer citrus feeling, without it being overly sweet. Instead of sticking to oranges and lemons, we used Bergamot, which has a more complex and deep citrus aroma. We paired it with Lime for a freshness, as well as Juniper to add an herbaceous undertone. These ingredients often live in gin together, and Boost is a subtle ode to our favourite beverage: gin and tonics with a slice of lime.

The art:

You can read more about why we named this collection The Art of Scent here.

We also partnered with illustrator Mary Clare Wilkie to design a watercolour pattern for each blend. Just like we captured the essence of a place or mood through scent, Mary Clare captured the essence of our blends through watercolour. The Boost print was inspired by citrus fields and a feeling of movement. Not only are the illustrations a welcome surprise when you open our new blends boxes, they also make for a great phone wallpaper.

Just hold down the image if you’re on your phone to save it. Easy peasy.

The visuals:

All of the images and videos for each blend were shot by Taylor McKay, who managed to capture the feeling of each scent through dreamy, surreal film. Watch the video for Boost here.

*Boost will be available to shop on Nov. 7 at 10 AM PST. 


November 4, 2017
November 6, 2017