The Art of the Summer Bath

It’s wet. It’s cold. It got dark at 4 pm. For some, these are typical precursors to taking a bath. During the fall and winter months, baths have an irresistible quality. They call to your chilled, exhausted body and offer a cozy escape where you can light a few candles, put on some music, and pretend you don’t have 3 more months of winter to face. This type of bath is well-established and has earned its relaxing reputation, but what about the other 6 months of the year?

Enter: the summer bath. Incredibly underrated, it might be just what your body needs. This month at vitruvi we’re focusing on “soul fitness”, which means we’re talking about topics that help flex your soul and make you feel whole (unintentional rhyming, btw). For us, baths are an amazing way to dive a little deeper, release tension, and fill your cup back up. Hence why we now present you with The Art of the Summer Bath:

  1. Play with temperature
    Yes, it’s true—a hot bath when you’re already sweating your face off is not appealing, but that’s the beauty of a summer bath—it doesn’t necessarily have to be hot. If your body temp is already high, opt for a luke warm bath, and soak as a way to cool down and regulate your temperature. Adjust it as needed!
  2. Switch up your scent for the season
    We love using brighter, more floral scents in the bath for summer, like Geranium, Sweet Orange, Grapefruit or Ylang Ylang essential oils. Or hey, all of them together works well too. Just add a total of 15-20 drops into bath water and you’re set.
  3. Live your Pinterest dreams
    You’ve seen them before—the baths that have bits of nature floating in them that look incredibly beautiful, yet highly impractical. Alas, impractical doesn’t mean impossible, so why not just try it? Obviously this isn’t your average weeknight bath, but pick a day when you have a little extra time and make it happen. Cut up some citrus fruit and soak in your glorious, fruit-filled tub. You can even use flower petals from bouquets that you’d be throwing out soon anyways—just to get one last use out of them.
  4. Have a cold beverage on hand
    We don’t know about you, but to us, sipping bubbly while in a bubble bath is one of the most indulgent, glorious treats we can think of. We love this light and refreshing Lillet Spritz recipe from goop as our summer drink of choice (move over, Aperol).
  5. Multitask
    Sometimes, a bath is just a bath. Other times, you can really use it as a quiet space to get some other things checked off your list. A few ideas for maximizing your time in the tub:

    • Mask: we love detoxing with this Origins charcoal mask or the Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack mask.
    • Exfoliate: this DIY Grapefruit sugar scrub is a great option for sloughing off winter skin and starting fresh for summer.
    • Stretch: most of us are more active in the summer, so if you’ve been on your feet all day, give your body a little release by stretching it out in the tub. Just try a simple forward fold and hold it while you take 10 deep breaths.

So next time you want to do something that feels really good for yourself, try a summer bath—because bathing really is a year-round ritual.

Photo by Lauren Leggatt.