The Art of Showering: You, hot water, essential oils and 10 minutes

There are two, okay three issues with showering. 1) getting in at the time you want to get in at. Full disclosure: I have two roommates so if being the first in the washroom means getting up by 6:30am, I’ll do it. 2) I am on a timeline. 10 minutes is my shower goal—15 minutes if I’m feeling glamorous. 3) It’s so easy to get caught up with your cleansing ritual (shampoo, body wash, face wash, water off) that you can forget to actually enjoy this small pleasure. Even on slower days when we aren’t headed straight to the office, we all invariably want to speed up our time getting clean in the shower. Creating small ways to build your affinity for showering can help you sidestep the irksome cycle of mindless lathering routines. Instead, you can commit to re-invigorating your shower routine through mindfulness and essential oils.

Maintaining mindfulness throughout your day is a daily and constant practice and it should be noted: there are many ways in everything you do to create space in your mind. The way you start your day, for example, can make a huge difference in how you feel throughout it. If done right, the shower can be your palace for mindfulness.

So how can you do that? Well, there are small ways—even on hectic mornings—to get back to feeling seriously good about showering instead of just seeing it as the thing you have to do after a sweaty gym session or in preparation for the day ahead. Scent can help settle your mind and essential oils can help you feel refreshed and restored. While showering isn’t something we can get rid of, it’s definitely something we can make more use out of. Because hot water can dry out your skin, start to narrow the days that you commit to showering and do so in tepid temperatures for 10 minutes tops. This way, you can make your showers really count. Here are 7 steps for re-invigorating your shower routine:

1. Get to know essential oils. Right now, you may just be using them haphazardly or without thinking about their placement. Before showering, choose your essential oil and rub it in between your fingers and toes. Because your skin is thinner here, the oil is more easily absorbed. Essential oils work best when they are absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin.

2. Once in the shower, massage your essential oil into your wrists and inhale the steam as the hot water trickles onto them. Tip: really enjoy this part.

3. Spend 1 minute inhaling. You can also drop a few drops of essential oil onto the shower base and inhale the calming scents around you.

4. Go about your normal shower, but do it actively. Instead of thinking about your day ahead, focus on your breathing. Pretty soon, your shower will be doubling as your meditation.

5. Turn off the water and wipe it away from your limbs in a fast pressured movement downwards and feel the flow of your blood intensify.

6. Once you are out of the shower, rub essential oil behind your ears in a circular motion and then onto your temples in a similar fashion.

7. Turn your diffuser on in the bathroom and continue to breathe in the essential oil filled air. Scent is a clear way of creating a relaxing space, no matter how busy you get.