Our Sephora Must-Haves

Today’s actually a pretty big day at HQ—we just became the first essential oils company to launch with Sephora. They’re carrying 7 of our favourite oils for skincare and beauty online, along with our regular diffusers and…wait for it: an exclusive “Blush” diffuser that’s available only on sephora.com. That’s her in the photo above—isn’t she pretty? It’s an incredible partnership, and we’re definitely fan-girling over here because unsurprisingly, our entire team is Sephora-obsessed. There are frequent lunch trips to our nearest Sephora to covet whatever product we read about on ITG or Byrdie. So, in honour of launching with one of the biggest retailers in beauty, we rounded up our favourite products you can find within Sephora’s walls.

Snacks loves: St Tropez Tanning Mousse 
I don’t think I’d be able to survive the winter months without this bad boy! I love how it doesn’t leave streaks and that it’s the perfect tan colour. No orangey weirdness!!

Steph loves: Purity Made Simple Pore Extractor Mask
I’ve been looking for an exfoliating mask for a long time, and I’ve finally found one that I love! This mask really gets deep into your pores, and leaves your skin feeling super clean without drying it out. I use the Purity cleanser as well and love that they sell the two together as a kit 🙂

Simone loves: IT Cosmetics CC Cream 
I have red skin, but don’t like a full coverage foundation, and this CC Cream has changed the makeup game for me! It is so light, doesn’t make my face feel greasy, and lasts all day. It even has SPF 50 in it so it keeps my fair skin protected from the sun, while evening out the tone. Obsessed!

Danica loves: OUAI Hair Oil
The oil helps my dead ends stay soft and hydrated, which is perfect for the summer because my waves get so much sun and salt exposure 🙂 Would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking to keep their hair strong, yet protected!

Sara loves: RMS Beauty Signature Set Mod Collection
It’s the perfect palette for on the go and has some of my favourite high pigment RMS products that are multi-functional. I keep it in my purse for touch ups after work or between meetings. The balm is great on the lips or as a moisturizer for the eye area and helps to tame brows after a long day. The Living Luminizer is a perfectly sheer highlighter for a dewy glow and I love mixing up the 2 Lip2Cheek colours for day and evening.

Rita loves: COOLA SPF 30 Mineral Face Matte Sunscreen 
I used to avoid wearing sunscreen on a daily basis since the ones I’ve tried in the past made my skin greasy, left a strange tint or were chock full of chemicals. Those factors are all irrelevant with this glorious Coola sunscreen. It’s all-natural, clear, and matte as can be. There’s no reason for me not to wear it daily! Hurrah for protecting your skin!

Alex loves: Drunk Elephant Peekee Bar and Juju Bar Travel Duo
I was very “anti” using bar soaps for skincare, but these are so not what you’d expect from a bar soap. There’s no dry, squeaky clean feeling after you cleanse with them. The Juju bar lightly exfoliates, so I use it in the morning, while the Peekee bar is super soothing and makes my skin feel hydrated and calm at night. Plus it’s great for travelling because you don’t have to worry about your liquids!

Reb loves: COOLA SPF 30 Sunscreen Spray Pina Colada
This sunscreen is my go to! It smells great, goes on light and doesn’t aggravate my super sensitive skin. I love that all the ingredients are organic and the scent is the perfect reminder of summer without being too overpowering.

Jenna loves: Fresh Sugar Lip Scrub
I love to wear lipstick but in the winter my lips get quite chapped. This scrub takes away all of unwanted dryness and moisturizes my lips so they are ready for lipstick application!