2018 Beauty Ritual: The Face Steam

Obviously a new year means the chance to start a new habit. When it comes to skincare, there’s plenty of things you could do: drink more water, simplify your routine, try a new serum. We’re down with all of these, but we also think your skincare routine should be about “you time.” It should really feel like your doing something good for yourself physically, but also mentally. That’s why we’re suggesting a super easy-to-implement beauty ritual for 2018: the face steam. It’s so simple, but it feels oh so good. Here’s a great “starter steam”—you only need 2 ingredients 🙂


8 drops Geranium—balancing and typically used to combat breakouts
6 drops Sweet Orange—high in vitamin C and increases circulation

Start by filling a medium/large bowl with boiling water, then add the essential oils to it. Sit with your face over the bowl and drape a towel over your head. Steam your face for about 2-5 minutes. Breathe deeply and know you took a moment to do something good for yourself (and your skin!).

January 12, 2018