Nature’s Ability to Shift Our Perception

Summer is about the outdoors and being social and touching the earth’s elements: water, the beach, the air of the great outdoors. It connects our skin with the universe more so then the winter. Ever wonder if maybe that’s the reason why summer is so much more extroverted? Because we are in more direct contact with our own planet without even thinking much of it, which in turn makes us vibrate at a higher level?

See nature is my therapist. When I feel down, I know what I need. When I feel stuck or uninspired, when my ego feels like its taking over my thoughts and telling me I am not enough, I know I need a forest walk. 

A walk does the trick, but I have taken it a little farther and I am so looking forward to sharing my nature meditation with you. Meditations do not need to always look the same—I believe the core of a meditation is simply quieting the mind so it can focus on the present. What better way to do that then in the forest. Nature is present.

Nature Meditation:

  1. Set an intention as you head out the door.

Some guidance: “Nature please help me shift from ego to soul. Nature please help me balance my thoughts so I can see clearly.”

  1. Bring your journal and set out to a spot you love where you can write and feel at peace.
  2. As you start walking, focus on everything that is right in front of you. This may seem simple, but when our mind keeps trying to rush off into something else, really focus on each leaf—the way the light touches it, the way the forest bed looks, the wind in the grass, the sounds of each bird and the way your footsteps sound on the path.

Our mind will let us easily do this for a few minutes, but because of all the business and the multitasking, we jump to thoughts quickly. Try and gently keep your focus on your surroundings, this is where the magic happens.

  1. As you arrive at your beautiful bench, or rock with a view, whatever it may be, sit down and close your eyes. Feel the stillness and the universe supporting you in this moment.
  2. Take a few deep breaths in and out and then begin to write 2 pages of whatever is on your mind that you need to free your self of, maybe there are too many ideas that need to be written on paper to see the clear answer, maybe it’s something that is bothering you, or something you want to write to someone else, but maybe are not quite ready to share it yet. Whatever it is, get it on paper.
  3. When you are done, close your eyes once again and bring your attention to the sounds and the smells that nature is gifting you. Breathe deeply, open your eyes and sit for a minute.

In this very moment, I can usually feel something shift within me. It’s like I gave what my ego was forcing on me to nature and mama Earth is either helping me hold space for it, or helping me clear it from my ego mind.

Essentially feeling down is about finding your shadow and giving it light and doing it in a way you know will feed your soul. Nature is always an element you can trust to bring you back to earth in a more grounded and connected way.

Usually this process takes me about an hour, but of course you can make it how ever long or short you want based on how much time you have. But give it to yourself. Show yourself some love and take the time to uncover that beautiful light of yours.

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June 27, 2018