Minimalist Holiday Jewelry

Metallics and the holidays go hand-in-hand: silver bells and tinsel, gold ornaments and decorations. For some reason, this time of year we like to dress like our surroundings. It’s really just an excuse to be fancy. Anyways, a piece of jewelry, no matter how delicate or small, can really pull together an outfit. And we know you have outfits planned, which is why we’ve rounded up our fave jewelry to wear to Christmas dinner or that New Year’s Eve party you’re not mentally prepared for (yet). While they all have a fairly minimalist flair, we like to think they make a statement in their own way. Here are our top picks:

J Hannah Rectangle Inlay Signet

This signet by J Hannah is gorgeous. We love that it’s simple, but not too dainty—sometimes you need a little weight on your finger. It’s the kind of ring that will prompt people to grab your pinky and demand to know where it came from.

Rachel Comey Mission Earrings

Rachel Comey can really do no wrong. We love these caramel and pink acrylic drop-down earrings. The colours feel warm and festive without being too stereotypically “holiday.” They’d be great with a cream dress or blouse. Bonus: they transition into summer so damn easily.

Faris Versus Bracelet

If you love organic shapes, you’ll love Faris. Everything in their collection is so unique—we were drawn to this bracelet because it’s a statement while still being simple. It would look great with both a sleeveless slip dress and a knit sweater (or maybe both layered together).

CatBird Baby Pearl Hoop

Huggie hoops are always appropriate. We love these pearl ones from Catbird because they add a little festive flair, which still remaining really delicate. A good excuse to wear your hair back (or chop it all off).

Noon Pearl Choker

More pearls! We really can’t get enough of pearls for holiday. We love this more modern silhouette paired with pearls—it’s a fun juxtaposition that says “I’m classy, but not stuffy.”

Somme Studio Flore Hoops

These gold earrings really speak for themselves—just look at them. It’s like dangling an ornament off your ear lobe and we dig it.

Wolf Circus Fera Ring

We’re big fans of Wolf Circus, and the Fera ring totally says “holiday bauble”—but in a really understated, cool way. It comes in both gold and silver, so you can accent your outfit however you please.



December 19, 2018