Lazy Girl’s Eyeshadow

We don’t actually fancy ourselves “lazy”, but we’re self-aware enough to know that the chances of us perfecting a smokey eye before going out are slim to none. It’s not that we don’t like the look (trust us, we do), it’s just that more often that not, we don’t have the time or the skills. Mainly the skills. SO, when we want to show our eyelids a little love, we turn to cream eyeshadow. There’s no blending, no brushes—it’s literally just a swipe.

We played around with 3 cream eyeshadows from one of our favourite beauty brands, rms. Here’s what went down (shades in the same order as the photo):

Seduce: This was our favourite of the 3. The deep, bronze-y gold colour gives off a “I know what I’m doing” vibe, without feeling heavy or overdone. We love that it’s a little out of our comfort zone. So daring! JK.

Myth: This one can be worn day or night. It’s a super soft and pretty mauve, which would pair nicely with black or brown eyeliner. It’s a great option if you’re just venturing into cream eyeshadow territory.

Lunar: This is as subtle as it gets. The champagne-like tone is great for adding a bit of shimmer while keeping things natural. It could also be used as a highlighter under the brow bone with either Myth or Seduce on the lid.

Overall, the cream eyeshadows were pretty subtle. You’d have a hard time overdoing it, which is why we’re fans. They also make great gifts for friends…or yourself 😉

November 22, 2017
November 24, 2017