Jen’s Essentials

My Essentials is a series that highlights those items you just can't live without. Editors note: we've banned the answer "my phone", because we're optimists.

Jen Rubio, cofounder of Away, popped by our office and shared some of her travel essentials with us.

Vitner’s Daughter Face Serum
“It’s the only thing I put on my face.”

A tiny bluetooth speaker
“Vibes wherever I go.”

A travel candle and matches
“I live in hotels, so it’s really important to make the whole space feel like home.”

Packing cubes
“I can fit twice as many things in my bag when I use packing cubes.”

Brain Dust and Vitamin C
“Gotta stay healthy on the road.”

Noise-cancelling headphones
“This is so boring, but even if there’s no music in them, I use them to block out the plane noise.”

November 21, 2017
November 22, 2017