How to Stay Healthy During Holiday Travel

There’s nothing like holiday travel to throw off your wellness routine. Fortunately, planning ahead can make all the difference in how balanced you’ll feel on the road. We’ve put together some of our favourite self-care travel tips to keep you healthy this holiday season, whether you’re going home to visit family, cozying up at a ski cabin, or escaping winter in the tropics.

Proactively grocery shop: Try to hit a grocery store as soon as you arrive. Keeping healthy snacks like mandarins and raw nuts close by ensures you don’t make bad decisions out of convenience (or hanger) later. If you’ll have access to a kitchen, pick up some chestnuts for roasting—they’re high in fibre, rich in vitamin C, thiamine and folate, and packed with copper and manganese.

Make bright infusions: Because nothing is more important than hydration to stay on your A-game (especially when alcohol is involved), making fruity infusions can make consuming enough water a breeze. Keeping a carafe of water infused with juicy orange slices and cranberries around is an easy way to get in your H2O, and lends a festive splash to the kitchen.

Do bodyweight workouts: Exercise is harder when you don’t have your gym, yoga studio, or running trails nearby, but there are a ton of great (and fast) exercises you can do with just your bodyweight. Try doing 10 pushups, 30 deep squats, 20 lunges per side, 50 crunches, 15 tricep dips, and a 1-minute plank to finish off. See how that feels, then modify your numbers until you feel a healthy burn.

Adopt a night ritual: Sleeping in a different bed is tough, especially if the room you’re in is brighter, noisier, or more inhabited than you’re used to, but having a night routine can help. If you don’t already have a ritual, try a Sleep Mist or Sleep Roll-On before you slip under the covers, followed by a few minutes of deep breathing in savasana. Packing a silk sleep mask and a silk pillowcase is also a great way to block out light and protect your skin from wrinkling on harsh fabrics.

Schedule down-time: It can be easy to get swept up in other people’s plans and energies, so try to fit in some quiet time to keep your battery charged. Even 15 minutes with a quiet cup of coffee and a journal before others wake up can offer a quick recalibration before you start the day.

Take in the moment: While travel and the holiday season can overwhelm us with sensory overload, it’s also a great time to practice mindfulness. Whenever you remember, try to notice the colours, glittering lights, scents of delicious food and fresh pine, nostalgic sweet and spicy flavours, festive music, and the twinkle in people’s eyes.

Words by Bianca Bartz. Photo by Brit Gill. 

December 14, 2018