Gifts We Love to Give (and Get)

If you’re like us, your feed is probably rampant with gift guides right now—and yet, we continue to click. Maybe it’s because some of us have left our shopping to the last minute, and every new guide is like a glimmer of hope—this is it, this is when I’ll find something to get my mom. So, to keep the dream alive, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite gifts to get for the people you love most in your life (yourself included). Bonus: they’re all under $65.

For your co-worker: Moon Juice Beauty Dust

Our office is officially Moon Juice-obsessed. We’re stocked with Beauty Dust, Power Dust, and Brain Dust and it has become a daily ritual for us. The Beauty Dust has a nice, subtle berry flavour to it—we love adding it to herbal tea or smoothies—but you really can’t go wrong with any of them. Hook your work buddy up!

For your mom: Le Labo Discovery Set

Moms! They somehow always know what to get us, and yet we’re stuck wondering what to get them. Wonder no more—this Discovery Set by Le Labo is sophisticated, yet playful, and lets her try 5 of their most popular scents: Rose 31, Thé Noir 29, Bergamote 22, Santal 33 and Vetiver 46. Plus, you’ve set yourself up nicely for a follow-up gift of the full size of her favourite.

For your bestie: Personalized Kennedy Cuff

We love this simple, delicate cuff by jewelry as a gift for your best friend. It’s great for layering with other pieces, and the monogram makes it extraaa special. It’s as if the friendship bracelets you made for each other as kids got a minimalist upgrade.

For your roommate: Madewell Ceramic Candle

We love the ceramic candle from Madewell because it doubles as a decorative piece. Plus, this is a bit of a two-for-one—your roomie gets a super cute accessory for her space, and you both get to enjoy the smell.

For your dude: Away The Insider Packing Cubes

A set of packing cubes is that thing you didn’t know you needed, until you actually get one and it changes everything. We think this is a great gift for the guy in your life—simple, practical and something they’ll have for a long time.

For yourself: Tarot Deck and Guidebook

At both of our events in L.A. and Vancouver, we had tarot card readings and they were such a hit. It made us think, wouldn’t it be great if we could practice doing this ourselves? Not needing a special event to get in touch with the universe? Well, turns out all you need are a deck of cards and a guide, like this awesome set from Urban Outfitters.

December 14, 2017