Dynamic Women: Behind the Scenes

To launch our Dynamic Skincare collection, our cofounder Sara sat down with 24 dynamic women in 24 hours to blend custom face oils with each of them. Sara guided them through the 3-step system—asking them about their skin type in the moment. Each woman’s skin needs were so unique and a direct reflection of what was going on her life; whether that was navigating pregnancy, training for the olympics, running a business or educating young entrepreneurs.

After the face oil blending, our 25th dynamic woman, Brit Gill, shot portraits of each woman. She captured their spirits and made them feel so comfortable and special. We could hear laughter rumbling from the portrait session room all day long. The images Brit shot hang proudly in our office and are a reminder of how fortunate we are to create products for such incredible women. While each woman left the experience with a custom face oil, the real take away for many was having the chance to slow down and take a moment for themselves—a luxury in itself.

Here’s a little behind the scenes look at the experience from Sara’s perspective, along with some words from our group of dynamic women.

“vitruvi was built by listening to our community and then creating products and content to meet their needs. When the time came to think about creating a skincare product (after many asks and thousands of requests via our social media), I spent a lot of time talking to the women in my life and asking about their skin—how it changes throughout the day and how their current products perform for them.
After learning about the ever-evolving needs that these women experience, I realized that creating a single product that could keep up with them wasn’t going to be an option. Instead, I needed to design a system that would allow the face products to be as dynamic as the women using them. Dynamic Skincare was created after many evenings experimenting in my home and hundreds of samples being given in little bottles to the women who are oh so influential in our lives. The goal is for women to enjoy what we believe is the new luxury: simplicity and the customization and complete personalization of the products they put on their skin.
We photographed 24 women who have been influential in the development of vitruvi over the years. From the first woman to advocate for the brand as a major department store, to a beauty founder I look up to immensely, a best friend since kindergarten who has supported and cheered from the sidelines, and of course, our mom—this campaign is truly made up of women who have inspired us along the way.
I had the honour to sit down with each woman to talk about her skin, we blended a face oil together and then they were photographed by the talented Brit Gill. For many of these women who operate behind the scenes as powerful forces in their lives, this was the first time they were professionally photographed. There were lots of laughs, (some wine), some tears, and many hugs. Photographing 24 dynamic women in 24 hours was an adventure and many flew in specifically for the photoshoot.  
I feel very lucky to have these women in my life and this campaign was one of the most intense and emotionally rewarding experiences of my life.”  – Sara, Cofounder /CEO of vitruvi

“It’s challenging to put into words how it made me feel as a consumer and a woman. What struck me was how we expect our jars and potions to work magic for us. Marketing campaigns and trends seem to trump understanding of what the ingredients can do for our skin. It can be hit or miss and very costly. It was refreshing to have a conversation with Sara about the needs and goals of my skin. Also, understanding the benefits of each oil was really interesting and I loved the chart to help me focus on the specifics of each oil type. I now know exactly what I’m putting on my skin and the health benefits that go along with that. Equally as special on that day, was spending time with all of you. The conversations and laughter (and a few tears) stayed with me long after my flight landed. I felt supported, nourished, and humbled. Every woman should have the experience of having their photo taken by such a talent as Brit.”
– Sue, Teacher/Mom to Sean and Sara

“I feel like I have been going at 100 miles/hour the last few months, with a second baby boy joining our family in May, a husband who travels a lot for work, and our second Field & Social salad shop due to open later this fall. Although I’m an introvert at heart and love my alone time, sometimes it’s tough to find the time for self- care while being a mother, wife and shop owner. My skincare routine is typically very simple and “no fuss.” At night, I’ve been feeling like I “should” be using deeper hydration instead of just my day cream, perhaps a face oil or serum, but have honestly found them too intimidating and fancy to dabble in. I trust Sara so much and enjoyed chatting with her about my lifestyle and skin in a real and raw way. I was so excited to give the new line a try—how cool to make my own unique face oil for the evening, and of course I’m such a huge fan of vitruvi’s philosophy and aesthetic. I also loved the opportunity to have my portrait taken by Brit, whose work I admire so much and who instantaneously made me feel comfortable in front of the lens. I implemented my new evening skin care routine with the custom face oil Sara made right away. It is such a simple but an important moment of my day now.” – Barbora, Mom of boys/Founder of Field and Social

“This experience took all the guesswork and unknown out of what I am putting on my skin. I have been so intimidated by the essential oil world and it was broken down into a simple and easy process that really allowed me to customize based on what my skin is needing at this moment. Beyond the products alone, I cannot think of a better way to spend a morning than surrounded by the strong, inspiring and dynamic women that were at this shoot. I was literally floating the entire day.” – Katie, Pilates Instructor/Accountant/Energy Addict

“It was an absolute treat to sit down with Sara and have a conversation about what dynamic skincare routine we could craft for me. She knew that as a busy mother, one of the only times I’m alone during my day is the mornings. I love to sip my coffee while I prep for the day and this is often my only solo time as my children wake up shortly after me. I take my time reviewing my schedule, planning an outfit and indulging in my skincare. What better luxury that something custom-made? Dynamic Skincare is the best kind of self care: thoughtfully-made and carefully blended just for me.” – Emily, Tech Enthusiast, Lover of People, Recovering Entrepreneur

“I loved the experience of taking a moment of pause to consider me. That really hasn’t happened since having my child. Sara is incredibly knowledgeable and I loved how she cut to the core of what I needed, not just addressing my skin and beauty desires. The collection is an opportunity to look within and discover something new for yourself. And after some introspection and connecting with myself, I took that sexy confidence to my photo session with Brit! What a magical evening!” – Bettina, Woke Mother/Philanthropist

“For me honestly, I wasn’t sure how oil would work with my skin, but putting my specific blend on at night after washing my face feels so good! Making my own blend was really interesting (Sara is so knowledgeable). Picking the right oils for my skin means it feels hydrated and radiant in the morning. I didn’t do much for my skin before and with skiing I’d get tons of wind burn, but switching to my vitruvi blend has felt so nice!!” – Cassie, Olympic Gold Medalist

I love how customizable this oil is! Not only is it a perfect match for my skin (I am glowing already!) but it is a perfect match for ME as it contains of all things I love. It is layered with all of the ingredients that my skin needs, as well as all of the scents that I am naturally drawn to. I’ve found products that I liked before, but never a product that I felt was an extension of myself. I am completely hooked! – Treana, Founder of the Obakki Foundation

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Photography by Brit Gill



December 11, 2018