DIY: Bye Bye Dry Sugar Scrub

Between the dry, cold air outside and the constant heat blasting at me in the car or at home, my skin and lips are in pretty bad shape. Everything just feels tighter and itchy. Part of the issue is that when there isn’t sun beating down on you, it can be hard to remember to drink lots of water. The biggest culprit though is the lack of moisture in the air. It’s a sad reminder (if you’re a summer lover) that your tan is fading and the cold days are here to stay for a while. But all’s not lost—you can kick the dry skin spell by exfoliating while also moisturizing, and save whatever remaining colour you have left for a while longer. Using a sugar scrub can bring your skin back to life, which means less hang nails, less irritation, and less chapped lips.

Use this scrub all over in the shower or as a 20 second revamp on your hands at the sink. Before bed, try lightly rubbing the sugary mix on your lips and then rinse it off and apply a heavy duty lip balm while you sleep…I LOVE manuka honey chapstick. You’ll wake up feeling more equipped to take on the winter months.


½ cup white sugar
½ cup brown sugar
½ cup almond or coconut oil
6 drops Grapefruit
6 drops of Geranium 

Combine all of the ingredients into an airtight container (I like to use one that is okay to get wet as a bit of mist will get on it if you bring it in the shower with you.)

When you’re not using it, store in a cool dry location. We know you’re sweet enough without it, but this sugar scrub is going to change your feelings on winter forever!

January 20, 2017