Diffuser Cocktail: The Essentials

It’s Friday, which means two types of cocktails are in order. The first, we’re pulling from this list of summer beverages. The second, we’re diffusing whilst we sip! We’re turning to our Essentials bundle to kick off the weekend—with one oil from each scent family (floral, citrus, woodsy and herbal) the four aromas come together in a really harmonious way. The end result is something that’s fresh, bright and a little earthy. We usually don’t play favourites, but we kind of had to with this one.

Diffuser Cocktail: The Essentials

4 drops Grapefruit
4 drops Lavender
5 drops Spruce
4 drops Eucalyptus

Find all 4 oils in our Essentials bundle. Happy weekending!

Photo by Lauren Leggatt

August 24, 2018