Diffuser Cocktail: Staying In

Picture this: someone asks what your weekend plans are. You pause for a minute, and then it hits you—you can actually say “nothing”. Sometimes there is no greater feeling than the wave of relief that registers when you realize you have a planless weekend. No commitments, no forced social interaction—just free reign to do whatever you want. When these sorts of weekends arise, we like to commit to staying in and enjoying time to ourselves. Maybe you pour yourself a glass of wine, commit to a cheese board and watch that documentary you’ve been meaning to check out (Pick of the Litter and the Jane Goodall documentary are at the top of our list)While you enjoy a night to yourself, it’s nice to set the mood in the background. We’ve put together this diffuser cocktail for a cozy fall night in—Frankincense and Bergamot add warmth, while Spruce brings the outdoors in. Geranium rounds out the blend by adding a floral note that’s fresh without being too sweet.

Diffuser Cocktail: Staying In
7 drops Bergamot
5 drops Frankincense
3 drops Spruce
3 drops Geranium

If you’re starting from scratch, you can find all 4 of these essential oils in our Fall Bundle.

So there you have it—a written confirmation that it’s more than okay to stay in.

Photo by Brit Gill

October 1, 2018