Diffuser Cocktail: Escapes

In keeping with our travel-centric theme this month, we wanted to share a few Diffuser Cocktails inspired by some of our favourite getaways around the world. Scent has such a powerful tie to memory, and often when we think of cities we’ve visited or beaches we’ve relaxed (or surfed) on, there’s a distinct aroma that can take us right back to that moment. So enjoy these mini escapes from the comfort of your own space.

Diffuser Cocktail Escape: Palm Springs
Palm Springs is my happy place. I’ve been going there now for 8 years, and there’s something so beautiful about the desert. The smell and feeling of warm, dry air instantly puts my mind at ease. For this blend, I combined Cedarwood for that smoky, desert element, while the Eucalyptus reminds me to take a deep breath. There are so many orange trees in Palm Springs and the smell of freshly-squeezed citrus takes me right to quiet mornings…or to happy hour (blended orange margaritas are a game-changer). – Alex

5 drops Cedarwood
3 drops Eucalyptus
3 drops Sweet Orange

Diffuser Cocktail Escape: Marrakech
When I travelled to Morocco I fell in love with the fresh mint tea. It’s made with green tea, fresh mint leaves and sugar and honey. It’s a morning ritual I wholeheartedly adopted while I was there, and the sweet, yet fresh aroma takes me right back to wandering the Marrakech markets with my mint tea in hand. For the blend, I included Peppermint and Rosemary for the herbal, minty flavour and Lemon for freshness and a hint of sweetness. – Sara

6 drops Peppermint
5 drops Lemon
4 drops Rosemary

Diffuser Cocktail Escape: Sunshine Coast
Growing up, I would spend my summers at my grandparent’s cabin on a quiet strip of the Sunshine Coast in BC. After a quick ferry crossing and drive down the tree-lined highway, I’d soon be greeted by the rocky shoreline, salty air and blossoming blackberry bushes. Channeling the nostalgic scent of the warm ocean breeze and lush coastline, I added Spruce for a warm and comforting (grandparents = comforting) scent, along with Eucalyptus to keep it fresh and herbal. To top it off, I added one of my personal faves—Pink Grapefruit—to round the blend off with a bright and summery feel. – Steph

6 drops Eucalyptus
6 drops Spruce
8 drops Pink Grapefruit

Diffuser Cocktail Escape: Reykjavik
I once spent two weeks hiking through Iceland. Vehicle-less, I got to know the country in a slower, more intimate fashion. I started and ended my trek in Reykjavik where I could take time to rest and and indulge in the comforts that the Icelandic lifestyle had to offer. This blend is my way of recreating the peacefulness that Reykjavic brought at the bookends of my trip. Lavender is for the cups of warm lavender tea I enjoyed in the evenings with the sun still high in the sky during summer solstice. Cedarwood is for the saunas by geothermal pools and Tea Tree is to give the blend a freshness, to represent the crisp and cool air of Iceland. – Rita

6 drops Lavender
6 drops Cedarwood
3 drops Tea Tree

Diffuser Cocktail Escape: Mount Kenya
This January I spent 4 weeks travelling through the gorgeous country of Kenya. I saw so many beautiful places, met amazing people, and saw some of the most breathtaking landscapes of my life. The place that stayed with me most was this little cabin in Mount Kenya. A short hike away was the most gorgeous waterfall. This waterfall brought so much peace and serenity to me. The fresh scent of Eucalyptus, paired with the sharpness of Spruce completely captures this landscape. Mixed with the freshness of Lemon and the floral of Geranium, I feel like I’m right back in my favourite place. – Simone

7 drops Eucalyptus
6 drops Spruce
4 drops Geranium
3 drops Lemon

Photo by Brit Gill

July 11, 2018