Crystal-Infused Massage Oil

Crystals are more than just pretty rocks. As we’re sure you know, each stone is associated with a particular energy and brings something different to your life based on its properties. Essential oils have this effect too, which is why a great way to practice intentional living is by combining them. After delving into Elemental Energy, a book written by själ skincare founder Kristin Petrovich, we discovered that you can create crystal elixirs using essential oils. Yes, we did just say “elixir”—this is the perfect chance to live out your witchy dreams. The idea is that you infuse the crystal’s energy into a carrier oil, and then use that as a body moisturizer, or even a massage oil. We like the idea of the massage oil, because you’re really connecting with the properties on a deeper level. So based on whatever you need in your life right now (maybe it’s the centring properties of rose quartz or the energizing properties of red jasper), we’ve put together a few crystal and essential oil pairings to help you listen to your body and take a little time for yourself.

Here are some combination ideas for your elixir:

Rose Quartz: Geranium + Ylang Ylang (For when you’re in need of inner peace)
Amethyst: Lavender + Frankincense (For when you’re feeling under the weather)
Citrine: Cedarwood + Bergamot (For when you’re feeling frustrated and need a confidence boost)
Clear Quartz: Eucalyptus + Rosemary (For when you’re seeking balance and focus)
Malachite: Spruce + Lemongrass (For when you need a break from technology)
Red Jasper: Peppermint + Grapefruit (For when you need to increase creativity and stamina)

What you’ll need:
Crystal of your choice
Sweet Almond oil
Glass jar
Wooden spoon

What to do:
1. Fill the glass jar with the Sweet Almond oil.
2. Using a wooden spoon, place the crystal into the Sweet Almond oil.
3. Secure a piece of cheesecloth over the opening with an elastic band.
4. Place the jar out in the sun and charge for at least 12 hours.
5. Around about 1 hour before your crystal is done charging, add your essential oils to the elixir.
6. Once the elixir is fully charged, remove the crystal using the wooden spoon and store the elixir with a lid on.

Once you’ve created your elixir, you can move onto your massage. If you really want to step things up a notch, you can perform your massage using crystal wands. Petrovich calls out different crystal wands based on what they offer: smoky quartz is grounding, amethyst and sodalite are calming, moss agate and rose quartz are neutral and clear quartz and copper are stimulating. If this speaks to you, by all means go for it, otherwise you can just perform a regular massage with your hands. We like to focus on acupressure points in our hands and feet, as well as lymphatic drainage massages for the face.

Photo from Elemental Energy.