Cedarwood 101

The basics:
Cedarwood belongs to the woodsy family (surprise surprise!) and is known for its warm, comforting properties. You probably know it best as the scent in wood-burning saunas, but we also love using it as part of our beauty routine. Diffusing Cedarwood on its own is very grounding. To brighten it up, all you need is a citrus oil like Bergamot. We love the simplicity of a DIY Cedarwood perfume too—dab 1 drop on your wrists and you’re good to go.

Our source: India

How we use it:

  • Cedar Sauna: add 3 drops to your palms in the shower. Rub them together briskly and turn your morning shower into a spa-like ritual.
  • Scalp Treatment: mix 2 drops Cedarwood with coconut oil to create a moisturizing, anti-fungal scalp treatment. Flaky, itchy skin be gone.
  • Natural Deodorizer: add 5-10 drops Cedarwood to a mason jar with baking soda and place in your fridge to keep things smelling fresh and crisp.

Blends well with: Eucalyptus, Bergamot, Spruce.

Illustration by Mary Clare Wilkie.