Better Than a Bucket List

The term “Bucket List” automatically insinuates a deadline: accomplish these things in “x” amount of time. While we’re all about trying new things, we like to approach it with a little less intensity. Enter: the activities jar—it’s the no-pressure bucket list. It can live in your house year round and you can tackle it as you see fit, letting fate decide what you do next. For the last week of summer, we thought it could be fun to whip out the activities jar. Yes—it’s exactly what it sounds like. Essentially you just write down 5-10 activities you could feasibly do on separate pieces of paper. Then, you put them in jar. When you’re looking for a plan (Labour Day could be a great time to do this), just pull out a random piece of paper and make it happen.

Here are a few examples of what we’re adding to the jar:

Swim in an ocean or lake (bathing suit optional)
Watch a documentary
Buy tickets to a concert in another city
Register for a class in something new (pottery, anyone?)
Bake fresh bread
Make a drastic hair change
Buy that thing you’ve been saving up for
Spontaneous road trip
Start a book club
Brewery crawl

P.S. The activities jar can fully live into the fall/winter. You don’t have to be a recluse—chances are you’ll be looking for reasons to get out of the house anyways.

Photo by Brit Gill.