Après Skin Face Oil Formula

My foray into the world of skiing came at the ripe age of 24. Let me paint the picture for you: afraid of heights, doesn’t like going fast, hates being cold. But alas, there I was—standing atop the bunny hill, not really sure what to expect. I’ll never forget slowly pizza-ing my way down, as my boyfriend very patiently coached me through it. Safe to say that with a few seasons now under my belt, I’ve progressed onto the “big girl” runs. While I’m still working up to the concept of “loving” a day on the hill, I really do appreciate spending the time outdoors and the sense of accomplishment you feel after it all. And yes, I guess going fast is pretty fun.

The one thing that I have been struggling with during my ski journey thus far is my skin—I have super sensitive skin and I’ve found that when I get back from the hill, I’ll often break out in red bumps later in the evening. Or my face will be permanently hot and red. I’m attributing it to windburn (and perhaps that aversion to the cold I mentioned earlier). Whatever it is, I know that when I look at my poor skin she needs 2 things: hydration and to be soothed. Enter the Après Skin Face Oil Formula. I combined my 5 favourite oils for gentle, gentle hydration—here’s how it goes down:

Face Oil Formula:

6 droppers Sweet Almond Oil – a mild base oil that will still hydrate the skin without clogging pores.

6 droppers Apricot Kernel Oil – our most gentle base oil for healing dry or damaged skin.

2 droppers Blueberry Seed Oil – a conditioning complex oil that brings life and bounce back into the skin.

2 droppers Rosehip Oil – a reparative complex oil that soothes redness.

10 drops Lavender Essential Oil – a gentle essential oil that calms the skin.


All you have to do is mix the oils in a clear dropper bottle and apply to the skin after cleansing. You can apply 4-5 drops of the oil directly to your skin, or if you’re like me and can’t let go of your cream, you can add 5 drops into your cream and slather the mixture all over your face.

*I will sometimes leave out the Lavender if my skin is being super sensitive, but feel free to do whatever is best for your skin in the moment.

Words by Alex Falconer. Photo by Cristina Gareau.