5 Uses for Bergamot Essential Oil

When I think of November, I think hibernation. Foggy, damp days with candles and thick wool blankets. Mornings spent with coffee and evenings with a big cup of tea. I particularly associate the scent of earl grey with fall and winter. I have been choosing a London fog when I go out since the weather has turned, the perfumey taste is like a big warm hug in a cup. The scent is fruity and sweet, but has the slightest edge to it—I don’t know why but it makes me feel secure.

Bergamot is perfect for creating a cozy atmosphere. In the form of taste or aroma, it reduces stress and anxiety. Along with being a main ingredient to one fabulous drink, this nearly-ripe fruit from the bergamot tree can be a part of many wonderful recipes.

5 ways in which you can use bergamot oil:

  1. As a car freshener: drip 1-2 drops of bergamot oil onto an earl grey tea bag and set in the center console or your cup holder for a burst of citrusy goodness
  2. The best hand lotion ever: add 4 drops of bergamot and 4 drops of lavender to 1/2 a cup of unscented vitamin E cream for dry skin repair
  3. To help you fall asleep: drip 5 drops of the calming scent on a cotton ball and slip it inside your pillowcase Zzzzz
  4. Liven up dull hair: mix ⅓ cup jojoba oil with 4 drops of bergamot oil on mids to ends, leave for an hour and rinse off
  5. In your bath: 15 drops of bergamot oil to the water should do the trick! Softens skin and smells like a dream

So find a little nook, put on a big knit sweater, make yourself a cup of earl grey, and welcome the darker days. They provide a chance to slow down and finish the books you’ve been putting off reading, and to try some new recipes out!   



  1. Reply

    Josey Duch

    November 29, 2016

    great ideas Amelia, I will have to give this bergamot essential oil a try!

  2. Reply

    MaryLou Dennis

    December 3, 2018

    Oh my goodness, I just discovered Bergamot essential oil yesterday and I think I’m in love with it! It smells so wonderful! I put one drop in my coffee and it tastes delicious.