3 Summer Cocktails That Aren’t an Aperol Spritz

This is the summer of the Spritz. You can’t walk by a patio without seeing a bright orange glass, dripping with dewy beads of condensation. It really is a thing of beauty—and so simple to make yourself. But, as much as we are loyal to the Aperol Spritz, we’re also keen to broaden our horizons. With summer at it’s peak, we decided to round up 3 new cocktails for you to add to your repertoire. They combine some of our favourite flavours (rosé + tequila = a surprisingly harmonious pair) and don’t require too much work to whip up. So take a look—perhaps you’ll end up with a new go-to. Cheers.

Rosé Margarita
Seriously—who would have thought this would turn out so well? Make sure to use a dry rosé, as it pairs better with the tartness of the lime. This hybrid is a great summer option: it’s refreshing, light and turns out a super gorgeous blush colour. Your cocktail has to look as good as it tastes, right?

Negroni Sbagliato
Okay, so we can’t completely let it go. This cocktail is the equivalent of a negroni and Aperol spritz having a baby. It’s 3 ingredients, has a lovely, bright hue and a charming backstory. Turns out “sbagliato” is actually Italian for “messed up” or “mistaken.” The story is that a busy bartender accidentally used sparkling wine instead of gin when making a negroni. Turned out to be a pretty happy mistake. It’s not a huge departure from a spritz visually, but the flavours are quite different.

So since we missed out on the gin in our negroni sbagliato, we thought a gin cocktail was worthy of the list. What made the cut? A southside. A classic gin cocktail made with gin, fresh lemon juice, mint leaves, simple syrup and club soda, it’s easy to whip up in punch-format for a larger group of guests. You can even add limencello into the mix for a more boozy affair.

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August 15, 2018
August 21, 2018