3 Essential Oils That Should Live in Your Bathroom

I have all my essential oils on display in my kitchen. They’re lined up on a little wooden board and I feel like a master mixologist when I get to saunter over and pick whichever ones I want to diffuse. What will I whip up today? While the kitchen is “home base” for my oils, there are also certain ones that live in my bathroom. They can even be organized by “section”, aka Eucalyptus permanently resides in the shower, Geranium by the bath, and Peppermint by the sink. Below, I’ve broken down a few ways you can use these fresh, herbal and floral oils in your bathing and cleaning rituals.

Geranium is a beautiful oil to keep in the bathroom—it’s floral and fresh, while its slightly minty aroma makes it nice to add to home cleaning products. The balancing properties are also super beneficial for skincare—whether it be in a face or full body steam, or even a homemade face oil. Plus, a few drops of Geranium in the bath during summer is like bathing in a floral oasis (if you want to indulge yourself and add floral petals to your path—we support your choices).

This one is a no brainer. Eucalyptus is so invigorating in the shower—add 3 drops in your palms and rub them together to intensify the aroma. It’s a mini spa moment you can totally enjoy without anyone knowing. Eucalyptus also works well as a disinfectant thanks to its antibacterial properties, which is why we love using it as a makeup brush cleaner by mixing a few drops with water and letting our brushes soak for 15 minutes.

So fresh and so clean. While we don’t recommend putting peppermint in the bath (it can sting more sensitive areas) we love using it as a natural mouthwash. Our most recent obsession is adding Peppermint and Lemon essential oil to a spray bottle with water and and misting our shower after every use—just to keep it smelling fresh, light and bright.

Photo by Lauren Leggatt.